Technology shifts in Depoe Bay

DEPOE BAY — Public wifi at city hall is no more, but other technological upgrades are coming to the building thanks to a new agreement with the Oregon Cascade West Council of Governments.

Mayor Robert Gambino asked for the topic public wifi to be added to the agenda for Wednesday’s city council meeting, where he proposed closing off city hall’s free public wifi due to abuse from some users. When he introduced the topic, some councilors said that they didn’t know the city had public wifi.

However, upon describing some of the issues surrounding use of the wifi by citizens, the vote was unanimous to close off the network. Among those issues were littering, loitering on the steps and on the whale sculpture outside city hall, citizens coming into the council chambers and using the internet on their personal computers for hours and citizens taking up the limited parking space to use the internet.

Immediately after discussing the issue of public wifi, the council voted to enter an intergovernmental agreement with the Oregon Cascade West Council of Governments to engage their tech services, which will continue forward past just upgrading the city’s technology.

Upgrades coming to the old building include: a firewall, higher internet speed and an uninterruptible power supply for the fiber connection. The firewall, including installation services, has been quoted to cost $1,469; the UPS was quoted at $68.51; and the internet speed upgrade will depend on the provider — Wave Internet was recommended by OCWCG.

Mayor Gambino expressed that an upside to having OCWCG do the installations was that the city could then call on them with any issues regarding the new tech, which other members agreed was a good point. The vote was unanimous, and the agreement will be signed.

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