Summer bowling league starts at Muggly’s

Summer Time Blues bowling league at Muggly’s Bowling kicked off this week, with a total of eight four-person teams competing.

Leading the pack with a 100 percent win-rate is Team Muggly Burger: Norm Carruthers, Dawn Wilding, Jeff WIlding and Patrick White.

Second through seventh place are currently held by the six teams with a 50 percent win rate after the first week: respectively, teams Nevada Gold, Strike Force, Rogue-whack a Whale, Springer, Sand Bag Miners and Rolling Rocks. Team Rogue-Hazy Nights rounds out the bottom of the roster with no wins to show for their first week.

Summer Time Blues takes place on Tuesday nights at Muggly’s Bowling in Toledo. For more information about league bowling, or other ways to play at Muggly’s, visit or call 541-336-2787.

Muggly’s Bowling is located at 675 NW Highway 20 in Toledo.


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