Suggestion for presidential debates

I would like to suggest the following arrangement for any additional debates between President Trump and Vice President Biden.

Have each participant in a soundproof booth, with speakers through which he can hear the moderator and the other participant, and a microphone through which he can respond to questions. Each candidate can see a timer counting down his and/or his opponent's time limit, to be strictly adhered to.

Moderator poses a question to candidate one, whose microphone is turned on for his answer, for the appropriate amount of time only (e.g. two minutes) and then turned off. Candidate two, with microphone turned off, listens to candidate one.

Moderator poses a question to candidate two, whose microphone is turned on only for the allotted time; candidate one can hear candidate two speaking, but candidate one's microphone is turned off. 

If there is a period for rebuttal to the previous answers, each candidate should be given a limited time with microphone on to respond, while the opponent's microphone is silenced.

If these rules and time limits have been agreed to by both parties, I see no reason not to enforce the time limits strictly. This is fair to the participants as well as the audience. Having both candidates speaking simultaneously is pointless and irritating to listen to.

Lydia Frazier Bosley