STRs help defray medical costs

Don’t vote to eliminate an entire industry, causing economic hardships and loss of jobs for Lincoln County. A total ban on short-term rental licensing, including capping the numbers of STRs and the number of nights one could rent out their home is irresponsible.

This issue falls squarely in the camp of limiting people’s property rights. A danger here is that large amounts of the population are in retirement and will be facing nursing home or long-term medical care, and end-of-life decisions both emotionally and financially sometime in the near future. Their home is most likely their greatest asset. A huge percentage of retirees do not have long-term care insurance policies because they are cost prohibitive. Their home may be the only thing that guarantees them any type of quality care in their final years. They may need to rent it out temporarily so that they can move in with a loved one and put their spouse in an appropriate care facility.

By eliminating or banning any type of short-term rental, you are taking away the property rights of senior citizens in Lincoln County. Many seniors have to sell their home in order to afford this type of care. This is a viable option for them because instead of selling, they can keep the home for their children and grandchildren to use in the future.

The 15neighborhoods group is spewing lies and misconceptions about short-term vacation rentals. It’s a smokescreen designed to put the needs of a few ahead of the rights of many. Do not vote away your property rights.

Regulation, not elimination is the answer. For the small percentage of neighbors experiencing real issues there is a better pathway to resolution. Owners, management companies, HOAs and the sheriff’s county licensing bureau can all work together to ensure problems get resolved. Cutting out the largest portion of the county’s tourist industry is no way to regulate these problems. It’s like blowing out a candle with a fire hose.

Kelly Gresh

South Beach


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