Stop roadside poison spraying

As federal and state governments take desperate measures to prevent and mitigate the pandemic coronavirus, Oregon's own department of transportation is sabotaging all their efforts by compromising the immunity of Oregonians statewide.

Currently, ODOT is spraying state highways with Roundup (glyphosate), which is well known to damage immune systems, as well as having more than 45,000 cases of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma attributed to it, with more lawsuits filed every day. Because these lawsuits have made abundantly clear that EPA registration approval of Roundup was and is based on invalid and even fraudulent data provided by its makers, ODOT can not rely on EPA registration to justify exposing its own employees and the public to a known carcinogen and immune suppressant.

Furthermore, in ODOT's totally untested combination with other poisons highly toxic to reproductive and developmental systems, as well as causing severe environmental damage (e.g., Flumioxacin, Indaziflam), Roundup's damage to our immunity may be greatly magnified.

Unless ODOT can prove otherwise with independent, non-industry research, it must be assumed that everyone who drives, bikes, walks and waits for buses on state highways is therefore facing a pandemic, potentially lethal coronavirus with compromised or suppressed immunity.

If Governor Brown seriously wants to protect Oregonians from the coronavirus, she should order ODOT to immediately halt its roadside poison spraying.

Susan J. Swift



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