Speakers to address electric cars, legislation and climate related issues

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby – Newport group and the 350 Oregon Central Coast are sponsoring a public event with five speakers to address electric cars, Oregon’s state legislative session, federal climate change proposed legislation and current local climate change activity.    

The meeting will be held from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Monday, July 15, at the Newport Public Library, 35 NW Nye St. Each of the five speakers will have 15 to 25 minute presentations, including one video presentation.

Representative David Gomberg will be giving a summary overview of the 2019 Oregon legislative session. Serving his fourth term in the Oregon Legislature, Gomberg represents House District 10 on the central coast, ranging from Tillamook to Yachats and inland to Sheridan. Gomberg currently serves as the vice-chair of the budget writing Ways and Means Committee, is co-chair for the Ways & Means Transportation & Economic Development Subcommittee and is a member of the Emergency Board. Gomberg has also been appointed to the Ocean Science Trust, the Governor’s Small Business Cabinet, Oregon Innovation Council and the Governor’s Commission on Senior Services. His legislative efforts have focused on small business, reviving the public education system, government efficiency, environmental sustainability and ensuring independence and dignity for seniors.

Paul Reno will discuss some electric vehicle history and then describe the basic differences among the types of electric vehicles (EVs) using a PowerPoint presentation.   The ecological and economic benefits of EV ownership will be covered, as well as noting the variety of EVs currently on the market and models that may become available soon. Additionally, an explanation of the factors that are important in deciding whether or not the purchase (or lease) of an EV is practical for a particular individual/family/fleet will be presented.

Reno is a retired microbiology professor formerly employed at OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center. He began attempts to reduce his carbon footprint in 1999 when he bought a Jetta TDI, which he ran on 100 percent bio diesel until the Jetta was passed down to his son in 2011, who continued the practice. In 2012, Reno further reduced the family footprint with the purchase of a Nissan Leaf battery EV. For longer trips, he purchased a plug-in Toyota Prius Prime in 2017.

Central Lincoln PUD’s public affairs manager, Chris Chandler, has driven more than 100,000 all-electric miles. She has won several awards for her work, including first place from the Northwest Public Power Association for Central Lincoln’s newsletter, “Coastlines,” and various awards for news reporting. She was born in Seattle, attended Roseburg High School, Umpqua Community College, and graduated from Biola University in Communications. She serves on the Oregon Coast Community College’s Board of Education. In her presentation, Chandler will address some of the myths surrounding electric cars and will discuss Central Lincoln’s rebate for installing a Level 2 electric car charger in local homes or businesses.

Diane Pugh, co-leader for Citizen’s Climate Lobby – Newport group, will be presenting a short video about the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. The legislation would establish a rising carbon tax fee to encourage the development of non-fossil fuel alternatives. The tax revenues would be distributed back to American families in the form of monthly dividends. This federal legislation now has 51 co-sponsors.

Martin Desmond, a volunteer for Citizens’ Climate Lobby – Newport group, will be discussing the development of local climate action plans. He and others gave presentations to the Lincoln County Commissioners, Lincoln City Budget Committee and Newport City Council with mixed results. He will be discussing the potential next steps that Lincoln County residents can do to address climate change on a local level. Desmond works as a licensed residential general contractor in Lincoln and Lane counties.

For more information about this event, contact Desmond at [email protected].


About Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is a nonprofit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. The Newport group is one of 10 groups in Oregon. Nationally, CCL sponsored 3,296 public events and 1,656 lobby meetings in 2017, with chapters in 87 percent of the Congressional districts. CCL supports a market-driven, carbon-fee and dividend approach to reduce carbon dioxide to 50 percent of 1990 levels, while creating 2.8 million jobs.


About 350 Oregon Central Coast

350 Oregon Central Coast, an affiliate of the international 350.org, encourages local citizens to become active on climate issues. One of the major goals is to reduce CO2 levels from 410 parts per million to less than 350 parts per million, which climate scientists believe is necessary to protect the Earth’s climate. To learn more, go online at 350oregoncentralcoast.org.


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