Some thoughts on reopening county

I had a radio interview Tuesday, May 12, where I fielded questions about my position on the various things that confront Lincoln County going forward. I was dissatisfied with my answer on one very important question; the next step for Lincoln County regarding the COVID-19 restrictions now in place.  How will we open up? I summarized the difficulty of the question and the many concerns and frustrations we face due to those restrictions, but I realized I really gave no answer. 

We agreed to the restrictions due to the many unknowns. We agreed to give the medical community time to understand the disease and find solutions. They have not let us down, and we now have some tools to work with. Some of these are changes in social interactions, our use of personal protection and our day-to-day habits and routines. There will be further advances as science does its work, but now it is time to rescue the business community. 

Looking at how to express this, I happened onto a story about Sweden and its approach to the pandemic. I think it is time we follow some elements of their model. Care home visits were banned April 1, and the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs asked people to refrain from non-essential travel, adding: "Keep your distance and take personal responsibility." (From a CNN article dated April 28).

I believe we don't need to reinvent the solution. This virus will be with us for the foreseeable future, all medical entities tell us this. There will be more deaths because of it. We cannot crawl into bed and hope it goes away — we need to continue living. 

Use the tools we've been given, and let’s get our service industries back on their feet. Use some common sense and adapt the current norm. This will not be the future unless we allow it to become the future. 

Face the challenge, just as you have so many times, and beat it.

Also, remember to vote. Ballots are due by Tuesday, May 19. It is your constitutional right and your responsibility — exercise it.

David Davis

Candidate for Lincoln County Commissioner 


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