Small business owner offers hope in podcast

Hope Maestas, owner of Serendipity Beauty Salon in Lincoln City, used the closure of her business under COVID-19 into an opportunity to start a podcast. (Courtesy photo)

During the tumultuous time of a global pandemic, many have turned to a medley of different coping mechanisms when quarantined — from gardening, working out or baking bread to picking up a new instrument or creating art. For proud small business owner Hope Maestas, her quarantine time transformed into curating and hosting her very own podcast, “Vibe with Hope,” where she discusses difficult topics like trauma, mental and physical health, diet, creativity and stress management.

Paving the way through deep-rooted subject matter, Maestas offers advice on confronting these obstacles.

“I believe that discussing these topics can help erase the negative stigma. I think people are finally noticing how important mental health is and how much stress and trauma affect not only your mental but physical health as well,” said Maestas, who owns Serendipity Beauty Salon in Lincoln City.

Maestas weaves themes through the podcast that have personally impacted her. She was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 15 years ago and, more recently, Hashimoto’s and adrenal fatigue. She transformed her life by shifting her diet to be completely vegan and mostly gluten-free. Coupled with a healthy diet is her yoga practice.

“I believe yoga is a form of meditation,” she said. “It has helped me so much.”

When asked about her inspiration for the podcast, Maestas explained that while on her journey to the path of healing she thought she could share her experiences with others who are stuck at home and struggling during this time.

“I have a lot of trauma and pain from my past that I am trying to heal from,” she said, “and I thought if I shared it with others as I work through it myself, that maybe it could help one or even two people get through it, too.”

Even with the right intentions, Maestas acknowledges the fear that goes along with the vulnerability, “I’m still terrified someone is going to say I’m doing a terrible job.” Acknowledging sharing her personal stories can be daunting, she attributes a lot of her strength to her clients at the salon.

“I think a big part of my support system has come from my clients sharing their struggles with me, as well,” Maestas said. “I realized that there were so many common issues: mental health, physical health and finding a balance with work, family and self-care.”

With 10 episodes already uploaded since late March, she has had an ample amount of positive feedback.

“Most people have told me it’s just calming and a great way to relax during a crazy hectic day at work or even after work,” Maestas said. “I am so happy to be able to help.”

She plans to continue recording her podcast, even with the reopening of her hair salon, and share the relatable struggle of balancing work, mental health and self-care.

As a small business owner, the impact of COVID-19 has been heavy for Maestas.

“I had to close March 23 and had virtually no income until I went back to work when Lincoln County was cleared to reopen on May 15,” she explained.

In addition to a closed business, the mother of four could not see her adult children or her 1-year-old grandson. However, she focused on the positives, as she passionately advocates for in her podcast. Taking the quarantine and giving it a positive spin by calling it “a long break,” she tackles adversity and transforms it into a powerful way to help others.

Maestas’s podcast can be found on the Spotify app or Anchor app by searching for “Vibe with Hope.”