Signature gathering underway for STR petition

15neighborhoods is resuming our signature gathering for the short-term rental petition that will eventually restore our residential zones, free from STRs. 

Every registered Lincoln County voter is eligible to sign. The petition only applies in unincorporated Lincoln County because cities have taken care of their problem. 

STRs are licensed as businesses. This petition will: 1) ban licensing of new STRs and license transfers, and, 2) phase-out STRs over five years from residential zones. These are the same zones that prohibit bed and breakfast inns. Remarkable.

This petition restores the rights of long-term renters and full-time owners to our residential neighborhoods as intended by the zoning code. It will help restore the affordable, long-term, workforce housing stock that is tied up as STRs and controlled by investors, 35 percent of whom do not live in Oregon.

Check out Read the petition. Download and sign the signature sheet and mail it to us. Our website has all the instructions. You can also register to vote if not already. 

Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and telephone 10 friends about the petition. We want way more than the 1,454 qualified signatures needed for the May election. Signatures provide our board of commissioners the mandate to act and our pledge to watch their backs. 

No printer? No stamp? Email [email protected] for help. We have neighborhood coordinators throughout the county who are as eager as you for the petition to qualify for the May ballot. 

The soft deadline for mailing to 15neighborhoods is Monday, Feb. 1, 2021, to ensure receipt. After Feb. 1, email us for a pick it up.

Good news: The single-signature sheets are valid for two years. 15neighborhoods will keep collecting, keep organizing, keep meeting by conference call, keep our webpage and Facebook page updated and keep open communication lines with the county.

Sign, but stay safe.

Robin Hochtritt

Depoe Bay