Sheriff’s Office Citizen Academy Course

I would like to publicly thank Sheriff Landers for conducting a Citizen Academy Course, which allows citizens an opportunity to take a deep dive into the diverse responsibilities of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

This was the second time the 14-week course was taught, which is a prerequisite for being a part of the Citizen’s Advisory Group formed last year to discuss topics affecting the sheriff’s office and our community.

Fourteen weeks may seem like a long time, but those two hours a week went quickly, and I think we were all sad to see it end. I found the class extremely insightful as we discussed the history, the what and how of the office including in-depth details regarding the jail and programs within, patrol (including K9, marine, animal), support services, animal shelter and emergency management, just to name a few.

The sheriff and the many dedicated men and women who work with him shared their varied array of duties, challenges and successes, plus answered every question we asked with candid transparency. Lincoln County has a real asset centered in Newport, where an incredible amount of dedication, compassion and progressive thought goes into making our county a better and safer place to live.

I encourage anyone with even a slight interest to consider taking the class next year. It’s well worth it.

Cassandra Lamerdin



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