Setting ourselves up for failure

Speaking of the children in cages on our southern border and elsewhere, Representative Rashid Tlaib said, “We are really, truly creating a whole generation of children that won’t forget what we did.”

She is absolutely right, and I have said this before; children have no shelf life. You cannot put them on a shelf (or in a cage) while you make some political statement and expect them to thrive. You cannot take them from their parents, leave them abandoned, hungry, dirty and sleep-deprived and expect anything in return from them but hate.

We are setting ourselves up for a tremendous failure. What are we going to do when these children are teenagers? They will have had several years of being educated in how to hate, and whether they retaliate against authorities or hold up liquor stores, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

Possibly this is a win/win for the political/prison/fascist party in power. They can make their overtures to the white supremacists, fill up the for-profit prisons and further the advancement of this fascist regime. At what point do we say, “Enough is enough, we will not put up with this any longer!” Remember, this is being done in our name.

Why aren’t we working with these “triangle” countries to relieve the pressure on these people so they don’t have to leave their homes? I’m not advocating sending a check to the governing powers. We should be working with non-governmental organizations, the diplomatic communities and the locals. Would you leave your home and walk hundreds of miles if you weren’t threatened? I read about a refugee mother who asked, “Would you put your child in a leaky boat if there was another alternative?” Think about it.

Sharon Roben Findling



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