Sandy Roumagoux is best person to lead Newport

I am writing in strong support of electing Sandy Roumagoux to be the mayor of Newport.

I first met Sandy Roumagoux about eight years ago when a group of us were re-energizing the Central Oregon Coast Chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW). I was chapter president and wanted to get a more in-depth understanding of the needs and interests of women and girls in our community. Sandy was mayor of Newport at the time and graciously agreed to meet with me over a long lunch, where we could focus on community plusses and challenges. I was appreciative of the uninterrupted time she gave me, her deep understanding of Newport and the broader Lincoln County community, as well as issues facing local women and girls.

We continued to meet over the years. When Central Oregon Coast NOW formed a foundation for the purpose of providing additional resources to women and girls in our community, Sandy was very generous in her support. She regularly donated to, and attended our fundraising events.  

There are few people who have demonstrated the knowledge of and deep commitment to Newport that Sandy Roumagoux has. She is clearly the best person to lead the city during these very challenging times, which is why she has been endorsed by Central Oregon Coast NOW to be the next mayor of Newport.

Nancy Campbell Mead, Past President

Central Oregon Coast NOW