Russ Baldwin for circuit court judge

Russ Baldwin is running for circuit court judge, position 1. Please vote for him in the May 2020 primary, just eight weeks away.

Court is where laws are applied by a judge to a given set of facts to solve a problem when people are unable to solve it themselves. Oregon law requires judges to apply the law neutrally and completely, without delay. All matters should be resolved by the court within three months of submission — ORS 1.050 requires it.

In these trying times, it is vital that courts solve problems without delay, and in a way so parties are not surprised by the outcome.

Russ Baldwin has the experience, integrity and skills to resolve disputes quickly and fairly, with findings and conclusions clearly explaining the outcome. Explaining how a decision was made makes the court accountable to the people it serves. Findings and conclusions also allow a court’s mistakes, if any, to be corrected later on appeal. This is true of criminal and civil matters.

Please vote for Russ Baldwin, circuit court judge. And if you haven’t registered to vote, it’s easy to do online. The deadline is April 28. Voting is by mail throughout Oregon.

Pamela Staton

Campaign Manager


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