Roumagoux announces bid for Newport mayor

Sandy Roumagoux filed for election to the position of Newport mayor on the Nov. 3 ballot. She faces incumbent Dean Sawyer.

No newcomer to Newport government, Roumagoux was mayor in the past and also served on the city council.

“Two years as a city councilor followed by three terms as mayor of Newport, ending in 2018, puts me in the unique position to build on my institutional knowledge,” Roumagoux said. “My strengths for the job of mayor of Newport are leadership, vision and grit.”

She said one example of this relates to Newport’s future water supply. “In 2014, I was involved in the Big Creek Dam project and contacted our state and federal representatives and senators to bring awareness to the problem and for funding,” Roumagoux said, adding, “As mayor, I was elected to the board of the Oregon Mayors Association from 2014-2018. If elected, I will run for the board again. Working through committees and boards at the state and national level affects the local.

“The pall of the COVID-19 pandemic hovers over us all,” Roumagoux continued, “so gritty decisions will be needed to alter visioning plans to fit reality. Less funding from room tax monies and other incomes will force innovative city budget decisions.”

Roumagoux describes Newport as a “can do” community, and said, “I look forward as your mayor to meet these challenges as a community.” 


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