Ronald Neal Remy, August 26, 1939 - November 24, 2020

Ronald Neal Remy was born on August 26, 1939 in Livingston, Montana. He passed away from cancer at his home in Waldport, OR on November 24, 2020. He will be remembered for his pursuit of excellence in his areas of interest.
He was a golf instructor and worked at Agate Beach Golf Course for many years. He enjoyed helping coach the high school teams and assisting the Ladie’s club at the course as well as giving lessons.
He was an acclaimed artist, working in oils and bronzes. He could paint almost anything but he was particularly known for his Western art. He had an art show in the Capitol Building in Washington, DC showcasing landscapes from the Pacific Northwest and was very proud of a letter to him from President Ford.
He was a Grand Master of several martial arts disciplines (ranked 15th in the world) and was active in their practice until shortly before his death. He could speak several languages, some fluently. He learned Italian when he was a Mafia bodyguard so he could follow the conversations around him. He had also worked as a bartender, sheriff’s deputy and denturist. He was in the Navy for four years and participated in atomic bomb experiments while in the Pacific.
He will be remembered by his children, the golf communities at Agate Beach and Crestview and by his many friends. He was predeceased by his life partner, Nan Putman, earlier this year.


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