Rod Losier deserves a second chance

For those of us who know Rod Losier and his long history of positive attitude towards students and athletes, it is hard to believe this first mistake required his removal from his position as head football coach at Newport High School. It appears to many of us that because of a past experience, the superintendent may merely be protecting herself rather than anyone else.

There were alternative punishments suggested by others that a suspension for some extended period and re-training on concussion protocols would be appropriate. As I understand it, that suggestion was rejected by the superintendent. 

It also appears that a medical professional and/or a trained sports trainer should be on the agenda of the school board for every high school in the county. Asking minimally trained coaches to make medical decisions about an athlete potentially injured in a contest, with all else occurring on a sideline, seems too much to ask.

Hopefully this decision can be reconsidered and a somewhat lesser punishment conceived. Rod Losier is a good man and has demonstrated over many years of service to the community and the school that he deserves a second chance. The superintendent got her second chance when she was hired by Lincoln County. He deserves at least as much.

Mark Collson



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