Rock shop makes people happy

Sticks, Stones ’n Bones, located in downtown Yachats, offers assorted cathedral crystals in all sizes and price ranges, a well as minerals and fossils from around the world. This pair of amethyst cathedrals in the shape of butterfly wings has already sold, though there were others available at the rock shop.

Styx, Stones ‘n Bones, a family business

YACHATS — Marc Taylor and his family have evolved from the shop they first opened up north of Yachats several years ago. After a move to Bend, where they started and then subsequently sold a rock shop, the family returned to Yachats, leasing the space that was most recently the Alder Bistro — it is now known as Styx, Stones ’n Bones.

While waiting to speak with Taylor on a busy Friday, the News-Times observed a man purchasing a large crystal. Seemingly in a hurry, the man was shopping surreptitiously for a gift for his wife, who had been in the store earlier. He wanted to surprise her, he said. After viewing the available specimens of the celestite he was seeking, and comparing one from behind the counter with those out on the sales floor, the man opted for the most expensive, highest cost, gem-quality stone about the size of a grapefruit or melon.

“That’s the right way to do it,” said Taylor, not surprised the man opted for the finest specimen, “especially if it’s something special. Do you want to spend $100 on something that is OK, or $250 on something extraordinary?” Taylor said the piece the man purchased was about as good as they get, and he was confident his wife would love it.

The rock shop, located in downtown Yachats at 160 W Second St., is dominated by amethyst cathedrals of all sizes, most recently in the shape of large butterfly wings. There was a large selection of Arkansas quartz, as well as semi-precious stones, fossils, crystals, geodes and gemstones from around the world. There was a trilobite more than a foot long and wide, and it is not the biggest the Taylor family has come across in their fossil hunting.

People have been using stones for different purposes for thousands of years, Taylor pointed out, trying to explain the phenomena of searching for and collecting what are, essentially, rocks and stones. “We get 1,000 (people) a week in this store,” he said.

“There is electricity. There are ways to measure the excited molecules,” Taylor offered. “Some of the best metaphysical practitioners out there were scientists trying to disprove metaphysics and ended up becoming believers themselves.”

Taylor explained that gemstone and crystal cutters and carvers do things very specifically. He spoke of infusing stones with intention, even love. Some people will lay them on their chakras, some simply want the crystals in their presence, he said. Some carry a favorite stone in their pocket.

“Some might be a grandma looking for something cool for the grandkids while they’re staying in a vacation rental,” Taylor suggested.

It’s all subject to interpretation, he said. “It’s what you like, what makes you feel good. It isn’t about anything other than happy. It’s all cultivating happiness and people being better.”

The coolest thing for Taylor, however, is that Sticks, Stones ’n Bones is a family business. “We do it as a family,” he said. Whether it’s going to an international gem show or digging rocks, the family all loads up together. “It’s a big deal to be a family business, and that we get to share it with other families,” Taylor related.


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