Robert Shea Thompson-Kirkland February 13, 2003 – June 5, 2019

Robbie Thompson-Kirkland 16

Robert Shea Thompson-Kirkland   February 13, 2003 – June 5, 2019

Robert Shea Thompson-Kirkland (16) passed away June 5, 2019 in auto accident along Logsden Road. He was a sophomore at Toledo High School with a passion for anything that had a motor. Often he could be found riding a quad, his motorcycle, one of his trucks around, fishing, and in general just living his life to the fullest possible. However most of all, he always and forever wanted to be a logger or a fisherman, following in the footsteps of his grandfather, father, and uncle. Robbie, a natural born tinkerer, had a way of finding his way outside to keep his hands busy with fun and discovery.

Robert leaves behind much of his family with his passing; Christina and Jock McCord (parents); Joshua Kirkland (father); Acha Kirkland (sister); Kimberly and Kenneth Thompson (grandparents); Diane Kirkland (grandmother); Max Hill (step-brother); Kayla Whyte (step-sister); Krysten McCord (step-sister); Kenyon McCord (step-brother); Merit Green (great grandfather); Virginia Thompson (great grandmother); uncle Kenneth Thompson (Marilyn); aunt Katie and Ryan Thomas; and countless additional aunts, uncles, and cousins.

A Celebration of Life will be held June 15, at the Siletz Community Center.

“You will always be remembered with that twinkle in your brown eyes and your big, bright smile…”


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