Road work causes delays

Highway 20, Toledo

Lanes Affected: Westbound 1 Lane

Eastbound 1 Lane

Delays under 20 minutes. Road maintenance operations are occurring. Use caution.

Highway 34 east of Waldport

Road construction is occurring. Use caution. An existing bridge near milepost 1.5 is being replaced with a new structure. This new structure will be constructed one half at a time. Due to limited working space one lane of traffic will be closed for the duration of the project. Work will begin on October 1 on minor road widening and installation of a temporary traffic signal. One lane will be closed and traffic will be flagged during daytime hours. Expect delays of up to 20 minutes. Beginning on October 8, one lane will be closed at all times. One lane, two-way traffic will be controlled by a temporary signal. Expect minor delays.

Highway 101, M.P. 133

Lanes Affected: Northbound 1 Lane, shoulder

Southbound shoulder

Road construction is occurring. Delays under 20 minutes. Use caution. A stormwater drainage system is being constructed. Beginning July 29, approximately one week of night shifts from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., Sunday night through Friday morning. One lane will be closed on U.S. 101, expect minor delays of less than 20 minutes. Pipe work is scheduled to begin in August.


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