Right-wing talking points

In the Sept. 23 News-Times, Bob Folkers offered up one of his typical, Trump-adoring viewpoints (“I’m voting for America”) while he rambled through almost every imaginable right-wing talking point. He started with his love of guns, the military and law and order. Too bad Trump has done nothing about gun violence, shows contempt for the military and intelligence services, has corrupted the Department of Justice, and has made a mockery of law and order. Bob also mentioned freedom of religion while Trump singles out people of non-Christian faiths for attack.

Bob’s focus on racism is not surprising, given his support for the famously racist Trump. While he says he resents being called a racist, almost half of his letter was spent attacking China and people of color. He says he hates Black leaders, ministers and politicians. He also hates “violent protesters” although the vast majority of BLM protestors were non-violent. He also hates the “athletes that kneel” in peaceful protest, and all those who condemn the police after they have brutally murdered an innocent citizen of color.

If you want to not be called a racist, there is an easy solution — don’t be a racist. In a country with a history of systemic racism, that means more than not personally insulting people of color. To not be a racist, one needs to take an active stand against racism. Among other things, that means not supporting candidates, causes or organizations that endorse, or are silent, about racism. It’s as simple as that. 

Rhonda Harman