Retain Dean Sawyer as mayor of Newport

I have known Dean Sawyer for many years, and I am particularly impressed that he works so hard for Newport and gets no salary for doing so. Dean was recognized this year for his hard work on the COVID-19 issue here. The Oregon Mayor’s Association awarded their Honorable Mention Leadership Award to Dean.

The award cited contributions that mayors make to their community and their demonstration of exceptional leadership abilities that have contributed to lasting benefits in the city and the community as a whole. He has proven to be an effective leader in Newport and regionally, on the League of Oregon Cities Board of Directors.

He has also been a national advocate for the Big Creek Dam issue and has lobbied our congressional delegation on behalf of Newport. He was featured in a national water magazine, Municipal Water Leader, for his leadership on the Big Creek Dams issue.

Dean has been singled out for his leadership during the COVID-19 crisis; particularly his role in Lincoln County’s unified response to the virus. Dean is experienced, tested and compassionate.

We need to retain Dean Sawyer as mayor of Newport.

Mark Watkins