Re-elect Claire Hall to county commission

I have known and worked with Claire Hall for the tenure she has been a Lincoln County commissioner. Claire has consistently supported honoring the history of our local First Nation people, including in the Yachats area. She was an early supporter of naming the Amanda Trail and Amanda Creek that depicts the story of the atrocities that happened at the Alsea Sub-agency prison camp. Claire’s support of our county’s First Nation history was demonstrated by her donation of a sacred site back to the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians (Medicine Rock).

Additionally, Claire has been a very strong advocate for the development of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. She has always supported trail development, be it hiking, biking or water related.

Claire has strongly worked for promoting conservation easements on private property for environmental preservation. She, along with the other commissioners in 2006, supported the passage of a bill that allowed properties to be rolled over into conservation easements and avoid property tax penalties.

I found Claire to be quite responsive to the Yachats community needs these many years. She has demonstrated hard work, outreach and compassion for the many endeavors she has engaged in. I wholeheartedly support Claire for county commissioner and ask you to elect her to another four years.

Joanne Kittel