Quilt show stitches community together

Nan Scott, the featured quilter at the Quilts by the Sea Quilt Show, stands in front of one of her creations Aug. 2. (Photo by Madeline Shannon)

NEWPORT — In a roomful of colorful quilts stitched together by hand and by machine, Quilt Show Co-Chair Jackie Stankey pointed out what she and show organizers included in this year’s event, including a boutique, a children’s corner and a veteran’s quilt demonstration — all part of the “Quilts by the Sea” show Aug. 2-3. 

“We want to have a way to display them and have a competition,” said Stankey about the hundreds of quilts and fabric goods on display in the Newport Recreation Center, where the show was held. “We donate quilts to all kinds of organizations. We donate quilts to foster care, baby quilts, we donate pillows to the hospital for people to support their arms on for IVs and stuff. So this funds that kind of activity for us.”

Approximately 117 quilts and other items on display on Friday and Saturday placed in the Oregon Coastal Quilter’s Guild’s contest and also featured the work of local quilter Nan Scott, a Yachats resident. Despite the many works of Scott on display at the quilt show, Scott insisted her position in this year’s event wasn’t necessarily because of her repertoire.

“It’s not so much about your body of work as your participation in the guild and being a member of the community,” Scott said. “I think that’s why I was chosen, because I’m not a big master quilter.”

Scott’s work includes a floral-inspired red and white quilt she called “Roses and red and white,” although the most difficult was one she named “Lifetime achievement,” which she said features a lot of points, placement and appliqué.

“It took a lot of effort,” Scott said. “To make choices of colors, that’s what makes the quilt.”

While many of the quilts on display featured a variety of themes, colors and styles, some were made with someone in mind. Part of the show this year included a ceremony in which an American-themed quilt was awarded to a local veteran for their time in the service. This year, that veteran was John Skelton, who served in the U.S. Air Force.

“I feel it’s fantastic and quite an honor,” Skelton said after receiving the quilt on Friday morning. “I was stationed in Great Falls, Montana, Folsom Air Force Base.”

Skelton’s new quilt, which displays an American flag on the front overlaid with a fabric depiction of the Lincoln Memorial, the Liberty Bell, a bald eagle and the Marine Corps War Memorial, is one of many the Oregon Coastal Quilter’s Guild gave out as part of the quilt show over the years. 

“Every service member, whether they go to war or they’re back home, whatever they do, they’re helping this brave country and we got to keep it that way,” said Ginger Dale, a guild member who presented Skelton with the quilt.


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