Port of Alsea construction project delayed

Port of Alsea Manager Roxie Cuellar announced that the port construction project would be delayed until November 2020. Sale of annual boat launch permits has resumed. (Photo by Cheri Brubaker)

WALDPORT — “We’re very disappointed that we won’t be able to do the construction this year,” said Port of Alsea Manager Roxie Cuellar of the dock construction project that was slated to begin next month.

A letter from Bergerson Construction President Greg Morrill to Cuellar stated, “It is the strong recommendation of Bergerson Construction that the project be postponed until fall of 2020.”

Morrill cited the extensive permitting process, as well as the fact that previous dredging “did not provide sufficient depth in all areas necessary for the new marina layout.”

Dredging, wrote Morrill, therefore unexpectedly became part of the project and added to the complexity. Approval of a dredging permit was not expected until late January, meaning the in-water work would not be completed by the regulatory deadline, Morrill said.

The port docks and boat launch will remain open. The port will resume sales of annual launch permits, and officials apologize for the confusion.

Money from the $2.66 million bond measure approved in May 2018 will remain in the investment account and will earn tens of thousands of dollars before construction begins in November 2020. Cuellar estimates that this will provide an additional $40,000 to $50,000 for capital improvements, to include dredging.

The delay also gives the port more time to work with the Central Oregon Coast and Seal Rock fire districts to design the boathouse for the water rescue equipment.

The port will be ready to “hit the ground running next November,” Cuellar said.


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