Political community needs to be purged of corruption

Trump's dismissive answer to the American press "none of your business" while hiding behind closed doors of clandestine meetings with world's dictators is the denigration and destruction of our democracy.

Thanks to big time capitalist donors alongside bend-the-knee Republicans, Trump's exploits for personal wealth and power don't end at our shores. His growing coalition with despots and dictators (Turkey, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea) shows he has world wealth and control in mind while we pick at the weeds of his lawlessness (shutting out testimony, authorizing child abuse, conspiring to pay off women to keep silent) disregarding the bigger picture of his desire to brand the world in his and his children's names.

And when defeated in 2020, he will not respect the laws or the wishes of Americans to leave the presidency. His attorney general, the justice department and newly minted federal courts will support him in this endeavor.

Starting right now with an impeachment inquiry, as our democratic system is in jeopardy, the political community needs to be purged of corruption, large private donor money and subservient yes men and women. Or, like Putin infers, democratic freedom will no longer be viable for our society.

Duffy Lederman

South Beach


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