Please vote to re-elect Dean Sawyer

Newport Mayor Dean Sawyer has done a lot for the Hispanic community the past two years. He was able to help establish the Community Emergency Response Team Spanish language Listos training here in Newport. He even came to the training sessions and helped train several Latinx folks on what to do in case of a disaster. Everyone was very excited to see the mayor interested and involved in the Latinx community.

During the COVID-19 event, several members of the Latinx community contracted the virus and had to quarantine with their families. Mayor Dean has been assisting the Salvation Army and Centro de Ayuda in delivering groceries to the families for several weeks. Since the families have had to quarantine, they can’t go out and do simple things like shop for groceries. Everyone who receives the groceries is very appreciative that the mayor volunteers his own time to help out.

Dean Sawyer even translates his Facebook postings in Spanish so the Latinx community can get the same information as everyone else. Dean cares for everyone in Newport, no matter where they are from or what language they speak.

Please vote to re-elect Dean Sawyer mayor of Newport.

Marco Flores Gil



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