Please join me in retaining Judge Bachart

Michael Jordan, one of the best basketball players of all time, grew bored with NBA titles and quit basketball to try out for major league baseball. He was just a ho-hum baseball player, even in the minor leagues. He never even got on a major league baseball roster as a benchwarmer.

Why? Because basketball and baseball involve quite different skill sets. So it is throughout the varied lines of work in this country. It is also particularly true for judges. 

Simply being a lawyer doesn't make someone fit to become a judge. It takes a broad range of attributes to be a good judge. Apart from intelligence, a judge must have good communication skills, the ability to read people, the willingness to work hard, compassion, an attentive ear, a discerning eye for justice, common sense and good judgment.

A good judge knows that he/she is not a king or a queen. Judges don't make the law; that is the task of the legislature. Judges have to follow the law as it is written and then interpreted by the appellate courts. A person who thinks he/she knows better than the legislature should never be a judge. We have separation of powers in this country because our founders knew that to safeguard democracy, power has to be distributed to many, not just a few.

A conscientious judge follows the law because it's the law of the land, regardless of whether the judge personally agrees with it.

Sheryl Bachart is the only judicial candidate who has all of these skills, while her opponent has only one. Cinderella's slipper only fit one foot. So it is in this election. I have great respect for, and trust in Judge Bachart. Please join me in retaining a superb judge.

Thomas O. Branford



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