‘Plan Your Exit Strategy’ seminar for business owners

Investing your life in your business and losing it due to a lack of planning is an all too common and tragic scenario for many business owners. Julia Carlson, local entrepreneur and the founder of Financial Freedom Wealth Management Group, welcomes business owners to attend a motivational talk on Feb. 19, which will cover how to plan your exit strategy.

Carlson has been practicing financial planning for more than 20 years and specializes in helping people who are retired or close to retirement. She is recognized as being especially knowledgeable about tax strategies for retirement and distribution planning, as well as exit planning for business owners.

During this talk, Carlson will share practical tips on how to ensure a lack of planning doesn’t destroy your business legacy, explore exit planning particulars — time frame, unique goals, charitable strategies and more — and exit your business on your own terms.

The talk will take place from 8-10 a.m. on Feb. 19 at the Newport Performing Arts Center, 777 W Olive St. Breakfast will also be served. RSVP by calling 541-574-6464 or emailing [email protected]


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