Pickup slams into South Beach pub

A 2014 Dodge Ram is seen lodged in the southwest corner of Hoovers Pub & Grill in South Beach. (Courtesy photo)

SOUTH BEACH — A pickup truck drifted off the highway and crashed through the front of Hoovers Pub & Grill in South Beach Wednesday evening. The driver and sole occupant of the vehicle, 26-year-old Alexander Price of Newport, was cited for careless driving.

Although someone had been sitting at a nearby lottery machine moments before the Dodge Ram broke six feet into the front of the grill, no one was injured in the 6:20 p.m. accident.

"The good thing is we had all of our merchandise racks in there and they acted as sort of a shock absorber," pub owner Marvin Selfridge said at the scene Thursday morning as he and others worked to clean up the mess and try to get the establishment open again.

The building will be closed for at least a day or two.

Newport Police said the driver of the pickup fell asleep at the wheel and the truck was northbound on Highway 101 when it drifted and struck a curb. The truck then bottomed out in the parking lot and careened into the building.

Video shows the truck did not brake and was doing 35-40 mph when it left the road, Selfridge said.

This is the second time around for Hoovers. Last summer an elderly woman stepped on the gas instead of the brake while parked on the west side of the building and jumped the curb and slammed into the wall.

Selfridge is considering putting in a retaining wall to guard against such future mishaps.


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