Output Records revived in Oceanlake

Corrie, left, and Taj Richardson reopened their record store in a new location last month after a nine-year hiatus. Output Records is now located in the purple house that used to be the home of Bob’s Beach Books, though the space has been opened up and transformed into something entirely modern. (Photos by Stephanie Blair)

The name Output Records may ring a bell with Lincoln City residents who have fond memories of shopping for music locally. Now those memories have returned, as the shop has reopened in Oceanlake after a nine-year hiatus and is ready and able to fulfill cravings for that irreplaceable high fidelity sound.

“We opened in 2005 and we moved around a little too much,” Corrie Richardson explained. After years of doing well, but moving to new storefronts often, the store finally closed down in 2009. But the dream didn’t die. Corrie and her husband, Taj, began talking about reopening their brainchild three years ago and, now that the plan has come to fruition, they’ve shifted their focus slightly to serve the community the best they can in this new capacity.

While the first life of Output Records was primarily focused on selling CDs and instruments, the new shop only sells records, turntables and audio equipment, some instrument accessories and musical art and clothing.

“I wanted to bring in more eco stuff and small-batch artisan (products) — that’s more my thing than stuff you can get off Amazon,” Corrie said.

Something from the old shop that Corrie said they would like to revive, however, is the all-ages shows they used to host.

“We want to be part of younger kids getting into bands and playing music,” Corrie said. “It’s a huge part of us.”

One of the experiences Corrie described enjoying since the shop has opened is seeing parents passing on the knowledge and love of vinyl that she and Taj share, the same love that brought them to reopen the shop with a new focus.

“We’ve been seeing a lot of … parents coming in with their teenagers, who are now getting into collecting,” Corrie said. “And we do that with our youngest daughter.”

Though the shop was originally planned to open in April, Corrie said that the pandemic postponing their opening was a blessing in disguise, as it gave them more time to prepare, which they hadn’t realized they would need.

“Right before we opened, we bought 2,500 (records) from a guy. That was a lot of work,” Corrie said with a chuckle. “Because we made sure we cleaned and inspected every one … it took us a month to get through it.”

Now that the shop is open, art and design are everywhere in the shop, including the painted Output logo which runs from floor to ceiling at the back of the shop. Corrie hinted at plans for a new mural on the outside wall of the shop, to be completed by the same artist as the wall logo: her sister-in-law.

With how well the business is going after just a month and a week in operation, Corrie said they’re already having another case for vinyl built to expand their offerings.

Output Records is located at 1747 NW Highway 101 in Lincoln City. The shop is open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday through Saturday, and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sundays. Learn more about the shop at https://shopoutput.com.


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