Our government should belong to the people

Is anyone else concerned that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is blacklisting vendors that work with progressive challengers but continues to pay those whose corporate clients work to block policies like net neutrality and Medicare for all?

I thought the idea was to make sure our government is served by the best and the brightest so we can get out of the morass that we’re in.

Take for example Marie Newman, who is running against entrenched Democrat Dan Lipinski in Illinois. Lipinski has been a representative since 2005, taking over from his father, Bill, who had served since 1983 and is now a lobbyist. The Lipinskis are known as the Republicans’ favorite Dems, and if you look at their voting record, you can see why. Dan is anti-abortion, anti-gay and refused to co-sponsor the Equality Act. Marie, who lost to Lipinski in 2018 by 2 percent, has lost four different consultants since the DCCC vendor policy.

There are other examples, but it looks like big money and the status quo is tied up with the Democratic Party. What can we do about it? For one thing, don’t give any money to the DCCC, and I haven’t given money to the Democratic Party for years. Give directly to the candidate you support. Also, do some reading about the challengers. Just because someone has been in office several terms doesn’t make them either trustworthy or liberal. Candidates that take money from big PACs or corporations are not interested in what we want or need, or we would already have Medicare for all and government sponsored child care.

Elizabeth Warren said, “Billionaires and special interests are conspiring to buy our political system. We cannot allow this to happen. Our government should belong to the people, not to wealthy special interests.” Think about it.

Sharon Roben Findling



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