Oregon authors release ‘To Restore Earth’s Balance’

Modern Western cultures have tried for decades, without much success, to reverse the negative impacts on the earth’s environment.

While science and environmental organizations have had minimal effect, though, there are people who have lived for thousands of years, relatively comfortably, in harmony with nature’s processes. What’s their secret? Can we learn from them?

In a new book called “To Restore Earth’s Balance,” two Oregon authors, Milt Markewitz (Portland and Hood River) and Ruth Miller (Waldport, Florence and Corvallis), both systems thinkers and spiritual activists, explore what it is that indigenous, Earth-centered cultures’ languages and perspectives can offer people in the way of solutions — and how they can begin to think and act in alignment with them.

The book will be released this Friday, Jan. 15, with a Zoom presentation by the authors. Contact [email protected] for details.

The book is available for order from your local bookstore, as well as Amazon, Ingram and Portal Center Press at $19 retail (40 percent discount for orders of four or more when ordered from Portal Center Press).

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