One of Us Productions to hold auditions

One of Us Productions has set auditions for its next show, a musical comedy titled “Chaps.” Auditions will be held today (Friday), Dec. 7 at 7 p.m. and Monday, Dec. 10, at 7 p.m. at the Yachats Commons. While auditions are in December, rehearsals will not begin until early January. The production will run the first three weekends in March 2019.

“Chaps” is written by Johanna Beecham and Malcolm Hillgartner. It will be directed by Carl Foster Miller, and the musical director will be Milo Graamans.

This comedy takes place in 1944 as the BBC prepares to welcome a group of America's singing cowboys. The setting is Studio B at the BBC in London. But all may not be what is expected — get ready to laugh as the “cowboys” strive to pull off a show.

Those who have a theater resume are asked to bring it with them to the auditions, but prior experience is not necessary. Auditions will include singing.

The cast for this production will include five males and one female, of varying ages. One of the male roles will also play the guitar. The characters include:

  • Archie Leitch — cockney sound engineer. Down to earth and quick with a quip. Plays the guitar, loves cowboy songs; and knows quite a few of them.
  • Miles Shadwell — intense young producer who's responsible for bringing the Singing Cowboys to Great Britain. If this broadcast doesn't come off, he might as well kiss his job goodbye. If he wasn't so neurotic, he'd be a nice guy.
  • Leslie Briggs-Stratton — imperious snob of a BBC announcer, a la George Sanders. Loathes cowboy songs. Is convinced he is civilization's last line of defense against the rise of vulgar populism on the radio.
  • Clive Cooper — a radio personality of sorts, Clive is the "Salty Fish 'n Chips Man." An old school kind of guy, he thinks of himself as a great actor.
  • Mabel Halliday — the Singing Cowboys tour manager. Mabel is used to being a behind-the-scenes wallflower, but once she steps up to the mic, she's a rose in full bloom.
  • Stan — the sound effects man. Like Buster Keaton, this shell-shocked veteran is a man of few words.

One of Us Productions is also looking for behind-the-scenes help — lighting, sound, publicity, props, costumes and set construction. So come and join them as they launch their return to the Yachats Commons stage.