Nye Beach Banner Auction this weekend

Nye Beach banners will go up for auction Nov. 10 in the 11th Annual Nye Beach Banner Auction, including this banner, “Kites Fly in Friendship in Nye Beach,” which was painted by Carolo Navarra. (Courtesy photo)

With the 11th annual Nye Beach Banner Auction coming up, manager Veronica Willemin is excited about this year’s banners. 

“Every year is different,” Willemin told the News-Times. “Interest continues to grow with new participants.”

Approximately 43 continuing artists contributed original banners to the Nye Beach Banner Project this year, and this year, the theme honored the City of Newport’s Sister City program with Mombetsu, Japan. A delegation of sister city officials and Mombetsu residents toured Newport over the summer, stopping at locations around town like Newport Middle School and, according to Willemin, came through Nye Beach to look at this year’s banners. 

“We wanted to pay homage to our sister city,” Willemin said. “Several artists embraced the idea. They’re colorful and wonderful, and when we walked through with the delegates, they were very impressed.”

While not every banner this year goes with the sister city theme, the ones that do feature the Mombetsu theme portray geishas, Japanese characters, Japanese gardens and Mombetsu town signs, among other images honoring the Newport-Mombetsu relationship.

Other banners portray traditional signs of life in Newport, with banners of painted sea life, forests, and flying kites on the beach.

All the banners are painted on cotton canvas and are created for durability, Willemin said. Volunteers who get involved in the Nye Beach Banner Project every year donate their time, she added, and any money generated from the project goes toward art education in the community. This year’s banners were donated by over 40 artists.

“Proceeds raised are donated to Oregon Coast Council for the Arts,” Willemin said. “It’s used for arts education for children. Programs that benefit from this project include children’s ‘Art Friday’ classes.”

The Nye Beach Banner Auction is Nov. 10 from 5-8 p.m. at the Newport Visual Arts Center, 777 NW Beach Drive in Newport.