Not representing his constituents

I am so embarrassed. Our federal representative for District 5, Kurt Schrader, was one of two Democrats who voted against the $2,000, one-time direct payments for most Americans.

His reasoning: “people who are making six figure incomes and who have not been impacted by COVID-19 do not need checks.” In the first place, aid starts phasing out at $75,000. Secondly, is this really a good reason to block aid to millions?

The people of Lincoln County deserve better representation than this, but when you look at who supported his campaign, his voting record is understandable I guess — big pharma, big medical, fossil fuels, etc. He certainly is not voting in the interest of the people of Lincoln County, he is supposed to be representing.

An hour later he voted in favor of the bloated defense budget.

Sharon Roben Findling



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