Northwest Allpro Towing opens in Newport

Patrick White is the owner of Northwest Allpro Towing, which he opened in May in conjunction with his other business, Northwest Allpro Auto Clinic, located at 306 SW Ninth St. in Newport.

Emergency roadside services, 24 hours a day

NEWPORT — Three years ago, Patrick White opened Northwest Allpro Auto Clinic in Newport, providing a full range of auto repair services at his shop, located at 306 SW Ninth St. in Newport. Recently, he expanded his business with the addition of Northwest Allpro Towing, which he felt was a logical extension of the services he offers.

His auto clinic was already a AAA repair facility, and since the towing company is also affiliated with AAA, “if somebody is broke down, we can go pick them up and bring them here and then also provide automotive service,” White said. “So we are AAA towing, but we’re also the only AAA repair facility.”

White is no newcomer to the towing business. 

“I used to be in the towing business, in the really late ’80s, early ’90s. It’s called Scovel’s Towing, on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, and I was just starting out,” White explained. “I was new to the towing thing, but even before that, I worked with my cousins, helping them out, maintaining the trucks, working on the trucks, at Johnson’s Super Service (a towing company) in Hollywood. I was in the towing business early on. That’s when I learned more about the mechanical side.

“So I already knew about towing,” White added, “and being a AAA repair facility, we get the same kind of dispatching information right away, like when a car is being sent out, so we learned the dispatching part real easily and how AAA worked and how all that stuff worked. It wasn’t real hard to become a tow truck dispatcher and owner because we were already dealing with that type of information in the beginning.”

And in addition to AAA services, Northwest Allpro Towing can help people who are affiliated with a number of other car club services. 

White said he began last December to get everything together for this new aspect of his business. He had to acquire trucks, licensing and insurance, and was eventually able open in May.

“Right now we have two medium duty trucks — one flatbed and one wrecker,” he said. “We have three drivers … and we’re going to get another truck, probably another flatbed.”

All dispatch and office operations are handled at the shop at 306 SW Ninth St., but White is also leasing space on Ash Street in South Beach, at the site previously housing operations for Central Lincoln PUD. “We’ve got a secure building in there, a big building,” he said. “It’s all gated. That’s where our impound and storage facility is.”

White said he is in the process of getting on the tow company rotation with local law enforcement agencies “because what if there’s two or three accidents at once? We’re trying to help out the community, too, in that aspect. Same with the fire department, we’re going to do stuff like that.”

And for Northwest Allpro Towing, it’s a 24/7 operation.

“A couple nights ago we got a call like 2 in the morning to go to Lincoln City, where a client was backed into the sand and buried down into the sand, and the tide was coming in,” White said. “By the time we got out there, the water’s already to the back tires, and it was stuck in the sand. My guy took a medium duty wrecker and winched it out of there, got it out of there for them. But they were freaking out, the lady was crying. 

“We do all kinds of things like that,” he added. “Cars are wedged down off a cliff or off a hill … we do all kinds of service like that. And we help everybody. It doesn’t matter, like jump starts, lockouts, tire changes and then just tows.” 

Sometimes it’s not a local tow. “We actually towed a boat and a truck to Detroit Lake two days ago,” White said. “We took one truck with the boat and one with the truck. We’ve gone all the way to Cloverdale, to Florence. We try to help as many people as we can, with as many club services as we can, too. That’s why we want to get another truck because we want to have one locally all the time.” 

They can also tow a variety of things, even motorcycles. “Yeah, we just towed one from Siletz. We tow motorcycles, we just did a boat, we do all kinds of stuff,” White said. “Sometimes people need equipment moved. As long as we can get it up on our flatbed, we can do it for them. Motorhomes, too, we’ve done a lot of motorhomes. We towed a school bus. Just Saturday we towed a 31-foot motorhome all the way to Eugene.”

People who want to learn more about Northwest Allpro Towing can call their office at 541-265-5225. 


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