North county power employees fired

LINCOLN CITY — Multiple employees were fired in the Lincoln City service area by Pacific Power last Friday. When asked to comment on the cause of the firings and any preceding or upcoming effects on customers relating to these firings, Pacific Power media spokesman Tom Gauntt responded that the following statement was all that the company would be saying on the subject.

“Pacific Power dismissed several Lincoln City personnel on Friday, April 26,” wrote Gauntt. “While it is Pacific Power’s policy not to comment on matters involving employee dismissals, we want to assure our Lincoln City area customers that these changes will not impact the quality, reliability and cost of the service they expect and count on.”

Gauntt did not specify what kind of personnel were terminated, though on the day of the employee terminations an open position for a journeyman lineman was posted to the company’s job board. As of May 1, it is the only open position listed for Lincoln City.

On the subject of potential effects of the firings on customers, Kandi Young, the public information officer for Oregon’s Public Utility Commission, commented that, “We are not involved in oversight of the utility’s human resource practices, but will monitor this situation to ensure financial impacts would not negatively affect utility ratepayers.”

Lincoln City is the only town in Lincoln County serviced by Pacific Power. The changes will not affect other service providers in the county.


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