Newport Swim visualizing a conference title

NEWPORT — When Sophie Dziak is picturing one of her upcoming races, she’s seeing herself keeping her stokes long, even when she is tired and has the urge to shorten her stokes while racing toward the wall. In the weeks leading up to the all-important district meet that determines whether or not a swimmer competes at state, an athlete decreases the number of laps in the pool and weights lifted, but the swimmers are still sharpening their skills. “We do a lot visualization,” Dziak said. “We just sit and visualize your race and what you are going to do, even from when we step onto the bus — like what our mental state will be. Sometimes in swimming, you hit a wall when we are racing and we visualize working through that.” Visualization exercises are something that the team uses during their dry-land training to help them prepare to be in peak performance when the time comes.

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