Newport loves its Coast Guard

On Tuesday, April 9, in a ceremony at Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay, Newport was re-designated as a Coast Guard City, one of just 26 such cities in the United States.

 Newport was originally declared a Coast Guard City in March of 2005, and the city has continued its commitment to supporting the more than 100 Coast Guard active duty and retired members here.

 You’ve probably seen the Coast Guard City signs at entrances to Newport, but have you ever really thought about what that means? According to the Coast Guard's public affairs office, cities receiving this designation are those that have made special efforts to acknowledge the professional work of the Coast Guard men and woman assigned to their area “by regularly reaching out to them and their families and making them feel at home, at their home away from home.” The cities also have developed a close partnership with the Coast Guard, both through professional and community-oriented activities.

 When Newport first received this designation, Chief Warrant Officer Richard Glasgow was the commander of Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay. Before being assigned to Newport, Glasgow had served as the commanding officer for Station Golden Gate in San Francisco. We remember him telling the newspaper how different people’s attitudes were toward Coast Guard personnel here as compared to there. In San Francisco, the Coast Guard spent lot of time involved with law enforcement, and in particular, intercepting drugs being brought into the country. But on the Central Oregon Coast, much of the Coast Guard duties involve watching out for our commercial and recreational fishermen out on the ocean, and also conducting other types of search and rescue missions.

 Chief Warrant Officer Tom Molloy, the current commander of Station Yaquina Bay, said at Tuesday’s ceremony, “I love Newport. It’s the most welcoming place my family’s lived. I’m very proud of what we accomplish.”

 Without a doubt, the Coast Guard has played a huge role in protecting and caring for Lincoln County residents and visitors. And as such, we would say most people here have a high degree of respect for the members of the Coast Guard and for the contributions they make to our area.

Striving for, and achieving that Coast Guard City designation is a way for coastal residents to express their gratitude to the many men and women who have served, who are currently serving, and who will serve in the future at Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay.

 We don’t want to think about what life here on the coast would be like without them.