Newport is a Coast Guard City, three times over

Officers of Coast Guard Station Yaquina Bay, along with officers from other Coast Guard stations, compete in a Motor Lifeboat Olympics Tuesday as part of the festivities celebrating the re-designation of the City of Newport as a Coast Guard City. Newport is one of 26 cities across the United States to receive the distinction. The occasion was marked by a ceremony recognizing city officials, officers stationed at Yaquina Bay and neighboring stations and Coast Guard families. (Photo by Jeremy Burke)

NEWPORT — Among a throng of local officials, community members, visiting officers from other stations and Coast Guard families, Chief Warrant Officer Tom Molloy of Station Yaquina Bay spoke Tuesday of the redesignation of Newport as a Coast Guard City, the third such time the station received the designation.

“I love Newport,” Molloy said during the re-designation ceremony. “It’s the most welcoming place my family’s lived. I’m very proud of what we accomplish.”

The distinction of being a Coast Guard City is one that only a couple dozen cities in the United States receive. The honor is bestowed when the community visibly rallies around the local station, with community member organizing civic celebrations for the Coast Guard and otherwise offer support and recognition of service members and families.

“Even the Rogue was thoughtful enough to build two breweries within walking distance of the station,” Molloy joked during the ceremony. “We’re privileged to call Newport home, and we’re appreciative of all that you do.”

The ceremony wasn’t the only event to celebrate the city’s third term as a Coast Guard City. Earlier in the day, officers at Station Yaquina Bay competed in the Motor Lifeboat Olympics against officers from Station Coos Bay and Stations Grays Harbor and Cape Disappointment in Washington.

The series of competitions, including a heaving line toss, a man overboard drill, a tug-of-war and a boat drag race, resulted in the team on the Motor Lifeboat Intrepid, out of Station Coos Bay, taking first.


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