Newport celebrates completion of project

Newport Mayor Dean Sawyer ceremoniously cut a ribbon held by City Councilors Cynthia Jacobi and Dietmar Goebel, marking completion of the extensive renovation project at Northwest Sixth and Northwest Coast streets in Nye Beach on Wednesday afternoon, March 11. (Photo by Cheri Brubaker)

NEWPORT — City officials gathered at the intersection of Northwest Sixth and Northwest Coast streets in Newport on Tuesday afternoon, March 10, to celebrate the completion of the extensive infrastructure project at that location in Nye Beach.

The Northwest Sixth Street Storm and Sidewalk Improvement Project included “900 linear feet of storm sewer improvements, seven manholes, 13 catch basins and 9,400 square feet of concrete driveways and sidewalks. The street work required approximately 2,500 tons of asphalt and 1,400 tons of rock aggregate. The anticipated final completion cost of construction is $1,0200,054,” the city detailed.

“I used to live down here,” said Newport Mayor Dean Sawyer, as he prepared to cut the ribbon stretched across Northwest Sixth Street. “And I walked up the hill a lot. People coming over that hill don’t see the pedestrians.” Gesturing to the newly painted crosswalks that were the final part of the renovation project, he added, “Now it gives a little bit of safety for the people.

“It took way too long,” Sawyer noted, “But it’s here today, and it’s wonderful.”

Newport Public Works Director Tim Gross explained, “What people see is the sidewalks and the streets when we’re done, but this project actually originated as a storm drain project... Sixth Street started out actually heaving water through the street.”

Gross said the contractor replaced all the storm drains on this street, along a sizable section of the old water main, and “they repaired several sections of really bad sewer, and only then did we work on the sidewalks and on the streets.

“So what you see is really a complete project dealing with all the infrastructure issues on Sixth Street,” said Gross. “Hopefully this street will last a long time, and we can focus on some other issues in our community.”

All members of the Newport City Council were on hand for the occasion, as well as residents, contractors and city employees.


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