New mountain biking league makes its way to Newport

NEWPORT — Lincoln County has a new club starting this summer, a group dubbed the Newport Mountain Bike Club. NICA — National Interscholastic Cycling Association — is a nation-wide club for boys and girls mountain bikers in grades 6-12. It’s a non-profit organization with teams across the country that compete. In 2017, NICA started an Oregon chapter. And Newport is fielding a team. “It’s brand new for Oregon and teams are just getting started,” said Daniella Crowder, owner of Bike Newport. “There is already a team in Corvallis, there are teams popping up all over the state.” The mission of NICA is simple: “provide high quality, safe and fun mountain bike programs for Oregon’s youth, exposing students to opportunity to build strong body, mind, and charter through an equal and inclusive scholastic-based program.” According to Crowder those who don’t have a bike or the funds to have a bike are still encouraged to join. The Oregon League will help find a bike for those who don’t have one. “We don’t want to turn anyone away,” Crowder said. “If you want to come out and ride, then we will find a way to make it happen.”

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