New look, same commitment to our readers

This edition of the News-Times is the beginning of a new look for the paper. For those of you who are reading this editorial in our printed version, rather than online, you may have already noticed the difference. As of today, the page width is slightly narrower, as are the columns contained on those pages.

In the coming weeks, you will also see some design changes, with new fonts for our stories and headlines that we believe will provide a more reader-friendly format.

Anytime this, or for that matter any newspaper changes its look or alters its content in one way or another, those in charge of that publication hear about it. And often one of the first concerns voiced is “What’s happening to our paper?” There are also fears that changes, like going to a narrower page, could be the signal of the paper’s imminent demise. We would like to assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

The fact of the matter is that newspapers, along with other print media, have had to rethink the way they do things. We’ve greatly increased our online presence in recent years and have also branched out into more special publications, in addition to the newspaper, which are targeted toward specific audiences. But what hasn’t, and what will never change is an honest, dedicated commitment to providing our community with a quality news product. We believe newspapers still play an important and relevant role in society, especially in smaller communities like ours, and we have every intention of continuing to fulfill that role for years to come.

So why go to narrower newsprint? Well, the reality is that costs factor into the operation of any business, and we are no different. And one of our biggest expenses in producing this twice-weekly publication is the cost of newsprint. So if it means that we can help ensure our viability and long-term presence in the community by cutting back on expenses where possible, without sacrificing the quality of the product, then we believe that is a positive move, not a negative one.

So as things go forward, you will notice a few more changes, but the bottom line is we are here to provide a quality news product for our readers, and that fact will never change.


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