My message to Congress

Democracy demands a loyal opposition to remain healthy and viable, but that opposition must maintain positive policy statements that offer solutions to problems and issues important to the country as a whole. Once any political party becomes more entrenched in their power and financial heft to the degree that they lose sight of the welfare of the country as a whole, or even to the neglect of their oath of office, that party must reassess their worth.

My message to Congress: state a clear, positive response to the issues of the day, including health care, pandemic response, infrastructure, climate change and the state of America with the rest of the world. Give us solutions, not complaints or blame. If you find fault, offer a better answer, or keep it to yourself. If you have not prepared a bill or program or solution to an issue, then stop being part of the problem. Do not politicize those things that endanger life and prosperity for American citizens.

Above all, avoid all issues related to culture that lead to, incite and build emotional responses of fear and hatred. Please warn us of real threats and stop repeating stupid claims that you cannot prove in court or against logic. We need to move forward, and it harms the country and your integrity when you resort to agreeing to things you know to be wrong and worse, you do it as a political act, not one of public service. Part of your job is to educate your constituents, not to entertain them or to agree to illogical and sometimes illegal ideas just because they support them. When standing against those who resort to using fear and hatred to defeat you, educate and learn to present your ideas in ways that help voters come to an understanding about how their country is supposed to work and what the real dangers are.

And perhaps more importantly, recall that the rule of law is a structural foundation of democracy — start respecting it.

Norma Elliott

Seal Rock


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