Muggly’s: Week 17 recap

TOLEDO — The first round of the Thursday Sidewinders at Muggly’s is in the books for the first time in 2020.

This time, Muggly’s Thursday Sidewinders featured two teams; Rogue and Muggly Burger who each scored 17 points, while only losing seven.

Team Rogue; Drew Herron, Zack Wassmuth, Gage Heater, Greg Marshall, Christian Yoshida and Matt Fulcher took the top spot for the second week in a row.

Team Muggly Burger on the other hand got second place, just like they did in week 16. The team is made up of Jim Sanders, Diane Downing, Ron Schleiger, Patrick White and Jerry Curl.

Springer Appraisal rounded out the top three with 12 points won and 12 lost, while team FireBallers came in fourth with 10 points won and 14 lost.

Team Ducks Playday finished with 10 points won and 14 lost as well, while team Newport Cafe finished last with six points won and 18 lost.

Senior Mixed League:

With 21 points won and only three lost, team Who Cares (Jim Rose, Bonnie Rose, Mike Calahan and Pete Berry) finished first during Muggly’s week 17 Senior Mixed League.

Rounding out the top three were teams Muggly Burger (Tom Dukes, Dawn Wilding, Jeff Wilding and Patrick White) and team Ally Oops (Cindy Campbell, Sherry Roehr, Jamie Hall and John Hall).

Muggly Burger finished with 16 points won and eight lost, while team Ally Oops finished with 14 points won and 10 lost.

Team Having Fun finished in fourth place with 13 won and 11 lost, while team Bay Rollers rounded out the top five with 13 won and 11 lost.

Untapped Potential and Don’t Ask finished sixth and seventh, while Mixed Nuts, Pure Lock, Do Or Don’t, Spare Time and Make it Happen rounded out the rest of the field.









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