Moveable Peace classes offered in Newport

Moveable Peace classes are being offered at the Newport 60+ Activity Center.

Moveable Peace combines qigong, tai chi, brain gym, meditation and other movement practices to allow participants to move in a way that is gentle, supportive and engaging. Qigon and tai chi are movement practices that came from China to the U.S. in the ’70s. Both practices use slow, repetitive movements to reduce stress and improve physical and mental health. Brain gym, another movement practice, was developed by an educator who noticed that children, as well as adults, learn better when they move. These types of movements improve memory, the ability to focus and reduce stress.

This class is for those who don’t like to move at all, who would choose to sit or lie down if given a choice, or if pain makes moving a chore. This class is also for those who like to move, who may be experiencing some physical restriction due to a minor injury or some other reason, or for those who have always included physical activity in their life and would like to keep it there.

The class will be held twice a week, meeting on two separate days:

  • Wednesdays, at 4 p.m., beginning Nov. 7, for those who have either taken the class in the past, who have experience with qigong or tai chi, or who are very comfortable moving.
  • Saturdays, at 11:30 a.m., beginning Nov. 17, for those who are curious about what the class looks like and feels like, who have never taken the class before.

Instructor Barbara Lee Turrill is a nationally registered dance/movement therapist, a licensed professional councilor and certified chemical dependency counselor. She has studied and trained in expressive therapies, including music, art narrative and drama therapy. She currently teaches qigong and tai chi at the Newport 60+ Activity Center. She is also a singer/songwriter and guitarist, with performances on both sides of the continent in small clubs, festivals and concert halls.

For more information, or to reserve a spot, stop by the Newport 60+ Activity Center at 20 SE Second St., or call 541-265-9617.


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