‘More Than Meets The Eye: Infrared Seascapes’

Infrared photography by Rich Bergeman is on a display in a new exhibit called “More Than Meets The Eye: Infrared Seascapes,” which opens today (Friday) at the Chessman Gallery in Lincoln City.

New exhibit at Chessman Gallery

A new exhibit called “More Than Meets The Eye: Infrared Seascapes,” featuring photographer Rich Bergeman, opens today (Friday) at the Chessman Gallery, located inside the Lincoln City Cultural Center. 

There will be a live video tour of the gallery at 4 p.m. on LCCC’s Facebook page — [email protected] lincolncityculture. Gallery director Krista Eddy will walk viewers through this new show.

Bergeman prefers working in black and white, in part because it takes the viewer one step away from the everyday world of color. Infrared takes the viewer yet another step further, he said, transforming the landscape into a beautifully surreal, dream-like world. 

He loves photographing the Oregon coast, especially during low tides, where a landscape teeming with life in dull browns and dark greens comes alive when viewed in infrared illumination: haunting, other-worldly, eerie and beautiful.

Bergeman has spent the past 30 years exploring different ways to express himself through photography. For years, he exclusively used large-format cameras and printed in the traditional silver and platinum processes. These days, he primarily uses digital cameras and pinhole film cameras, and he prints on fine art papers with archival quality inkjet printers. He has found it fun and even self-revelatory to explore the varied and unique ways different types of cameras see the world, and then learn the most appropriate subjects to apply each of them to. 

The Lincoln City Cultural Center is located at 540 NE Highway 101. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Thursday through Sunday. Masks and social distancing are required in the building.

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