More love, less fear

As I was walking close to sunset recently, I saw a new sign in front of a neighbor’s house proclaiming simply, in bright colors, “You Are Loved.” I had to get close to read the acknowledgement that it was represented by the Yachats Presbyterian Church, which did not surprise me. They are a most welcoming and loving group there.

The choice my neighbor made to display the sign gave me such a lift of hope that led me to think how we are a species capable of reaching out, caring for our beautiful environment, helping each other and being kind. So how have we become this nation of division that leads us more to fear and hatred in opposition to the values we believe ourselves to hold? Do unto others?

I am not aligned with any political party — I suspect both parties to be mired in corruption and awash in money. Although I have found individuals to support that are truly public servants, I worry that we are not being vigilant enough when voting and do not provide scrutiny to those we elect.

More importantly, what dictates our choices? Do we really believe that we must suppress others to protect ourselves? Are we truly comfortable with providing more value to people who serve money than to financially elevating people who serve people? Do we really feel responsible for maintaining our beautiful environment? Do we really believe that feeding stock market investment by the top tier is more important than feeding the workers who support the whole framework?

Are we really thinking about what we truly and deeply hold dear when we vote, or are we simply continuing a habit? I stand with my neighbor, and I join them in saying: Whoever you are, you are loved.

Please vote for more love, less fear.

Norma Elliott

Seal Rock


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