Monthly dementia support group at Lakeview Senior Living

Lakeview Senior Living hosts a monthly series of dementia education along with a support group that not only offers a helpful and caring place but will provide practical tools to help you care for your loved one with dementia, help you care for yourself and educate you about the disease process.

“Dementia and Alzheimer’s are diseases of the brain,” said Jennifer Whitmyer, Executive Director of Lakeview Senior Living. “It’s a disease just like any other. Dementia doesn’t just affect the person who has it, it affects their whole family. We work really hard to help not just the senior, but the family members as well.”

Christy Turner, The Dementia Sherpa, leads the group. Turner brings many years of personal and professional experience to her speaking, teaching, and support groups. She is a Certified Dementia Practitioner, Certified Dementia Care Unit Manager and Cognitive Stimulation Instructor. Turner is a speaker, founder of and CTC Dementia Care Management and host of The Alzheimer’s Podcast. She helps people move from constant struggle and overwhelm to solutions that work.

“Dementia is too widespread to just hope it won’t happen to you or a loved one,” said Whitmyer. “We all need to be educated and prepared, so we can help our loved one have the best possible life, a life with dignity and love.”

The dementia support group meets on the Third Thursday of each month at 1:30 p.m. at Lakeview Senior Living located at 2690 NE Yacht Avenue in Lincoln City.

Upcoming support group topics include:

Advance Care Planning, What If It Isn’t Just “Dementia?” and 8 Ways to Reduce Your Chances of Developing Dementia.

For more information on the dementia support group at Lakeview Senior Living or to RSVP, call 541-921-8923.


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