Melissa Cribbins is the right choice

Like most people who live or have deep roots on the Oregon coast, I was heartbroken and horrified to see the destruction and loss caused by the fires that quickly spread throughout the region a few weeks ago. In only a few short hours, I watched over social media as flames forced north Lincoln County residents to leave their homes and flee toward my hometown of Newport, and I couldn’t tear my eyes from the news outlets as the sky turned orange outside.

As a former wildland firefighter with a strong understanding of forest management through her role as a Coos County commissioner, Melissa Cribbins is the leader that we need in the Oregon Senate to advocate for our community’s recovery and protection against future fires. Melissa is a tough, independent thinker who will show up and always be ready for the challenges presented in the legislature.

Please join me in voting for Melissa Cribbins this November and electing a tenacious, experienced leader who will take charge and make sustainable changes when disasters like last month’s fires hit. With politics, health and the future all up in the air these days, Melissa is the right choice for both Senate District 5 and the coast as a whole.

Sophie Goodwin-Rice



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